Louisville Scholastic Lacrosse League (LSLL)

Boys Spring 2018 League Operating Procedures

League Administrator: King Louie’s Sports (KL)


1.0 Player Eligibility

  • A player is eligible to play if:
    • Player is enrolled as a student in a middle school or elementary school, or is home-schooled in the state of Kentucky.
    • Player is considered academically eligible to play sports under player’s schools If the school does not have requirements or player is home schooled, KL will use academically eligible requirement criteria of standard public school, as chosen at its discretion.
    • Player has not matriculated from middle school to high school before the start of the lacrosse season’s first game.
    • Players in the 3-4 grade division must be a student in the appropriate grade associated with their grade division. No 2nd graders can play up.
    • Players in the 5-6 grade and 7-8 grade divisions must be a student in the appropriate grade associated with their grade division.
  • No player may play up or down on any 5-6 grade or 7–8 grade team and can only play for a single team (cannot double roster).
  • Any player that turns 12 prior to August 1st in the current season’s year is not eligible to play in the 3-4 grade division.
  • All Players must be members of S. Lacrosse through May 31 of the current year and their US Lacrosse membership number must be provided to their team coach as well as to LSLL. No exceptions. Players must provide their US Lacrosse numbers as part of their King Louie’s online player registration to be eligible to play.
  • Each player may appear on the roster and play for ONLY ONE team for the entire season.
  • School Enrollment & Team Formation. The school where the player is enrolled will be his assigned team. In instances where schools do not have enough players to adequately form a team of their own, schools will be combined by LSLL.
  • Parish/Church association. In situations where the player’s school does NOT have a team, and the player is a member of a parish who is affiliated with a school who has a team, the player will be permitted to play on that team.
  • Home School/non-school affiliated. Boys will be assigned by geographical proximity and/or convenience to teams who are willing to accept additional players. King Louie’s will have discretion to place players based on distance to practice locations and balancing team rosters.
  • In the event schools are combined to form a single team, ALL players associated with those schools must play for that combined team and NO other team(s).

2.0 Player Conduct

  • Player, Coach, Fan & Other Ejections:
  • Any player or team personnel ejected from a contest will be suspended for the next regularly scheduled LSLL league game that is played immediately following the occurrence. All ejections carry over to include seasonal playoff games. If the ejection occurs during the last game of the season, the suspension is carried over to the first game of the next year.
  • All incidents of ejection must be reported by head game official to the Youth Assignor and LSLL/KL Representative within 24 hours of incident.
  • Any player or team personnel ejected from a contest must immediately leave the field of play or general playing area accompanied by an If no appropriate adult is available the player is confined to his bench area.
  • Any player engaged in post-game retaliation towards another player, team or official will be suspended for the next game.
  • Any player caught playing during the suspension period will result in the additional suspension of 2 games for both the player and the head coach.
  • Any player or coach receiving two such penalties will be suspended for the remainder of the season.
  • Un-sportsmanlike conduct by anyone connected with a program is the responsibility of the head coach and extends to assistants, fans and other team LSLL may penalize such conduct by players, coaches or team personnel by imposing sanctions that include, but are not limited to, forfeiture or suspensions.

3.0 Coach Conduct 

  • Each team must have an adult coach (over the age of 21) who is a member of US Any Adult in a coaching capacity on the team’s sideline must have a Coaches Responsibility Form on file with LSLL/KL.
  • If the coach is ejected or must leave the contest for any reason, he/she must appoint another qualified person (member of US Lacrosse) to assume the role of In the absence of this condition, the team shall forfeit the contest.
  • Coaches ejected from a game are subjected to the penalties specified in rule 1.
  • Following a coach’s Second ejection, an email with an explanation must be submitted to LSLL/KL within 48 hours by the ejected coach. At an agreed upon time and date the coach will meet with LSLL/KL Representative to discuss appropriate actions specific to the case. LSLL/KL Representative may want to meet with others involved or others who witnessed the incident under KL will review and investigate the incident and determine an appropriate disciplinary course of action. After reaching its decision, LSLL/KL will notify the Coach, the School Administration (where applicable), BLOA, and other involved parties.
  • A copy of the LSLL Coaching Responsibility Form must be signed by all team coaches (including assistant coaches) and submitted to LSLL/KL, accompanied by a properly completed team Membership Roster (can be completed online as part of the registration process), and Player Waiver form for each player (can be completed online by each player as a part of the online registration process), by February 15, As necessary, rosters may be updated during the season.
  • Coaches will agree to follow the Code of Ethics as written in the US Lacrosse Official Rules
  • All coaches and any team personnel working in a coaching capacity with the team must be members of U.S.
  • Failure to include ALL players on the KL online registration website within the specified deadlines could result in disciplinary action as determined by LSLL/KL.

4.0 Officials & Officiating

  • The application and interpretation of the game rules shall be the sole responsibility of the
  • Game ejections are not subject to appeal during the All such violations are to be reported by head game official to the Youth Assignor and LSLL/KL Representative within 24 hours. These violations will be reported to the school’s athletic director or club team’s representative.
  • All league games will be officiated by two certified If only one official is available, that official should have no less than one year’s experience except as set forth in Section 5. A ten-minute delay will be allowed before starting a game to allow for game officials to arrive.
  • All games will be officiated following the National Federation of High Schools 2017 Rule Book and the 2017 US Lacrosse Youth Boys’ Rulebook.
  • LSLL/KL will be responsible for scheduling and paying game officials and league assignors for league games and post season tournament.

5.0 Team responsibilities

  • Team must be in good standing with LSLL/KL with respect to any team/player fees and paper Failure to meet these requirements will result in suspension of game schedule until such compliance is met.
  • Teams are required to have a member of the Coaching Staff (preferably the Head Coach) attend the Coaches’ Mandatory Rules Interpretation Date to be set.
  • By March 1, 2018 each team is required to have one member of the coaching staff complete the US Lacrosse on-line Coaching Course and the on-site Level One Instructional Clinic. It is recommended that, at a minimum, all members of the coaching staff complete the US Lacrosse on-line course. For new teams that are just starting, the online course will suffice. However, before the start of the next season, the level 1 course must be completed by at least one coach from each team.
  • In the case of a game being cancelled (due to weather or any other cause), LSLL/KL will notify teams and officials and use its best efforts to reschedule the game based on field and official availability on the first available makeup date.
  • Both teams must have available a complete team roster at the start of each LSLL game that can be reviewed by officials and KL Representative at their request. The roster must be approved/signed by the coach to ensure that all players are
  • The US Lacrosse LADM (Lacrosse Athletic Development Model) shall be utilized by KL, Officials and Team Coaches, along with all other involved participants in the 3-4 grade League.
  • The home team is responsible for providing an official time keeper/scoreboard operator for their game.

6.0 Scheduling

  • Scheduling will be done by LSLL/KL Administrator and will be published and available to all teams within one week of the close of team registrations. All games will be played at King Louie’s on the designated days for each division. Teams will be able to access the online schedule by going to the King Louie’s website. The schedule will be balanced in terms of start times, opponents and who is the home/visiting team.
  • LSLL/KL will be responsible for rescheduling any makeup games and coordinating officials for those games.
  • LSLL/KL will coordinate directly with the BLOA Referee Assignor to coordinate officials for all games.

7.0 Game Suspensions

  • Up until the officials have assumed control of the game (when they arrive on the field), the LSLL/KL administrator, using the US Lacrosse guidelines for inclement weather, shall determine if a game should be
  • If a game is canceled within one hour of the scheduled start time, each official assigned to game will receive $25. LSLL/KL is responsible for paying all Officials and Assignor fees.
  • Once the officials have assumed control of the game by arriving on the field, the following will apply if in their opinion there are dangerous weather or field conditions:
    • A 30-minute suspension of play. Flash or Bang rule (US Lacrosse guidelines)
    • Two suspensions are to occur before a game is to be canceled or
    • Consideration for a third suspension is given if the visiting team has had extensive
  • In the event a game is suspended for weather prior to the completion of the 3rd quarter, it resumes at the exact point in the game unless both head coaches agree that the game is Suspended games begin at the exact point in the game (needs to be noted in home team scorebook) as to time, possession, score, etc. If 3rd quarter is completed, then the game is official. NOTE – officials are paid a full game fee regardless of the amount of game that is completed. New game fees would be applicable for a postponed game.
  • If the game cannot be rescheduled for any reason and the game has gone beyond the half, the team in the lead shall be declared the If the game is tied, the game will be considered a tie.
  • If the game cannot be rescheduled for any reason and the game has NOT gone beyond half, the game will be listed as a Did Not Finish (DNF).
  • Any team personnel that did not participate due to un-sportsmanlike rule, are not to participate in the rescheduled game or the completion of the DNF
  • Any Playoff Game suspended for any reason will be a DNF game and will be restarted at point of suspension when rescheduled.

8.0 Forfeiture 

  • In the case of a team failing to appear for an officially scheduled game or failing to make contact with the opposing coach, on-site adult coordinator, or assigned official within 15 minutes of scheduled start of the game, the team failing to appear or make contact shall forfeit the contest.
  • Any game that is played with ineligible players will be forfeited, even if the violation is discovered after the
  • Games that cannot be played due to lack of officials will not be forfeited, but will be rescheduled. In the event that the game cannot be rescheduled, the game will be listed as Did Not Finish (DNF).

9.0 Appeals/ Grievances

  • All teams have a right to initiate an appeal of any suspension within twenty-four hours of the incident to the LSLL/KL Administrator.
  • Grievances regarding the League Operating Procedure or other administrative type issues should be taken to the LSLL/KL Administrator.
  • Appeals or grievances regarding the rules, application of rules, or any issues concerning officials should be addressed to the BLOA grievance contact, Wayne Coffey

10.0 League Play and Playoffs

  • League play will be coordinated by the LSLL/KL Administrator (game dates, game times, opponents). All league games will be played on the designated game day by division. Any makeup games will be played on designated makeup days.
  • Any playoffs and playoff format will be determined by the LSLL/KL Administrator. Bracket play will be by division and be a single elimination format with seeding based on league play results. Dates and times will be published at the same time the league schedule is published by the LSLL/KL Administrator.
  • All LSLL league teams must play their complete schedule to qualify for post-season play.
  • For LSLL Playoffs seeding purposes, the following shall apply:
  1. Each LSLL league team must play all LSLL league games to be eligible to be seeded for the LSLL playoffs. Incomplete or games not rescheduled will result as a tie in the LSLL standings.
  2. Ties records will be broken as follows:
    1. Head to head play
    2. goals scored against
    3. goals scored for
    4. Coin Toss
  3. Tournament games ending in a tie will play sudden death.

11.0 Specific Rules for 3rd– 4th grade League

  • Stick dimensions: all field players (excluding goalie) will use the short stick dimensions (37″-42″).
  • Game will consist of four 8 minute running time quarters with a 2 minute break between the 1st and 2nd quarter and 3rd and 4th quarter and a 5 minute halftime.
  • Since this is a developmental league, coaches are highly encouraged to give all players, as much as possible, an equal amount of playing Clock will be stopped at the 6-minute mark of each quarter, or as close to that time period as possible (with ball in settled position) for substitutions.
  • Face-off Mercy rule: at any point during the game, if a team is down by 6 goals or more, that team may take possession at midline after goal scored instead of face-off, as long as 6 goal lead is maintained. The coach of the trailing team may waive this
  • For all time serving fouls, offending player must leave the field for penalty time, and team will play a man down for the duration of the penalty
  • A player who commits 2 ‘non-releasable’ penalties in the same game (including but not limited to: checks to the head and neck, checking involving defenseless players, excessive body checks/take out checks, and unnecessary roughness) is disqualified from that current His team will play a man down for the duration of each penalty. The second ‘non- releasable’ penalty does not have to be 3 minutes. It could be a 1, 2, or 3-minute penalty at the discretion of the officials.
  • A player who commits 2 ‘unsportsmanlike’ penalties in the same game is ejected from the current game and the game to follow. His team plays a man down for each penalty time. By rule the second ‘unsportsmanlike’ penalty is a 3-minute penalty as it involves an
  • The defensive 20 second count, the offensive 10 second count, and the goalie count will not be Officials may require players to advance the ball (5 second count).
  • Coaches on field:

Week 1: all coaches allowed on field between the goal lines extended.

Week 2: only the Head Coach allowed on field between goal lines extended.

Week 3: The Head Coach is permitted to be in the alley in front of his own team’s bench area.

Week 4 on: All Coaches are to remain in the coaching box area. No coaches on the field of play.

11.9.    Tournament play: There will be a one-day season ending single elimination tournament. Seeding will be determined based on league play results, and KL Administrator will determine format based on number of teams participating. All league teams are expected to participate in the tournament as part of participation in League. In the event two or more teams finish the regular season with the same record, tie breaks will be based on: 1. Head to head competition 2. Fewest goals scored against

  1. Coin toss.
  • 3-4 games will be 7v7. 6 field players and 1 goalie.
  • Field of play shall be 60’x35’, goals are 6’x6’, with a 9’ crease.
  • A NOCSAE ND049 Lacrosse ball shall be used for all games and there are no team timeouts.
  • All players will wear full Lacrosse protective gear as specified in the 2017 US Lacrosse Boys’ Rulebook.
  • No body checking but some contact will be allowed. Face-off’s with no releasing from the wings, no offside and time releasing fouls.

Except for specified rule exceptions in this League Operating Procedure, all 10U 2017 Youth Boys’ Rulebook rules will be in effect.

Incomplete or games not rescheduled will result as a tie in the LSLL standings.